Dog Harness And Leash No Pull Nylon Pet Leashes

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Dog Harness And Leash No Pull Nylon Pet Leashes 
❤ Type: Pet Harness And Leash Set
❤ Material: Nylon
❤ Feature: Soft,Fashion
❤ Fit For: Small Medium Dogs,,Yorkie,French Bulldog,Labrador,Golden Retriever,etc.
❤ Package: Pet Harness X 1,Pet Leash X 1, Pet Collar X 1
❤ The fabric uses cotton-polyester webbing, which is soft and does not hurt the hair, and increases the comfort of wearing the pet
❤ The high-strength buckle is fixed, and the Japanese-shaped buckle supports neck and chest adjustments, so the pet is not easy to break free
❤ The metal D-shaped buckle and O buckle are all chrome-plated, with good gloss, not easy to rust, and very durable
❤ The D-shaped buckle can be hooked to the dog's traction buckle, and the portable design supports close control of the dog
❤ INS style 7-color chest straps, rich in colors, a wide range of choices, fashionable and more stylish for walking the dog
Size Neck Girth Chest Girth Eash Length
S 40-50 28-57 120
M 50-62 37-64 120
L 58-72 47-89 120

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