PawHut Fir Wood Hamster Cage Mouse Rats Small Animal Exercise Play

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PawHut Fir Wood Hamster Cage Mouse Rats Small Animal Exercise Play House 3 Tier with Slide Activity Center

This PawHut cage is the ultimate playground for your small pets to have. offers plenty of room with 3 tiers. Made with natural wood with a mesh top opening this allows for air circulation and is easily accessible to your pets. The front of the cage is has a glass panel for viewing. You can place it anywhere and your little hamsters will have an instant home. The whole unit sits above the floor and is an overall great home for your pets.


  • ● Solid wood construction for long term use
  • ● Suitable for hamsters mice and other small animals
  • ● 3 tiers provide ample area for exercise
  • ● Levels are accessible by ramps
  • ● Front organic windows enable a direct view to all levels
  • ● Lightweight for easy movement and repositioning
  • ● Hinged roof grid ensures an adequate air supply
  • ● Easy to clean with the sliding tray
  • ● 3 small levels are available for exploring and climbing
  • ● Assembly required


  • ● Material: Fir Wood PS
  • ● Net Weight: 28.4lbs
  • ● Color: Natural Wood Color
  • ● Overall Dimension: 45.25"L x 23.5"W x 21.75"H
  • ● Front Door Size: 29.25"Wx7.75"H
  • ● Ramp Size: 4"Wx11.75"L
  • ● Sliding Tray Size: 29"Lx22.75"W

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